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Tell-a-Vision is a simple forensic sketch style multiplayer drawing game. 

Since autumn 2020, we have been gathering for weekly drawing sessions and we've tried a bunch of drawing games. This is one of the games we came up with and was successful so that we played many times. It is kind of similar to forensic (composite) sketches that the police to do draw the faces of the criminal suspects.

It's a simple game. All you need is
- more than 2 people (4+ is recommended because you can compare different interpretations later),
- drawing tools (we usually use Magma Studio and share a canvas online),
- and some images to look at or have them in your head (we usually use YouTube thumbnails but we used pictures from different sources and even a soup someone was just having and a dream that I had in 2017) 

And here's how to play:
0. Players decide who gets to be the teller, the one who describes the image, and the drawer, the one who draws things based on the teller's verbal description of the image.
1. The teller picks a picture. They shouldn't show this to anyone. (e.g. browse something in their YouTube recommendations in their own browser)
2. The teller sets the time limit to describe things if they want to (e.g. 3 minutes) 
3. The teller tells the drawers the aspect ratio/canvas/frame dimensions of the image they picked. This is optional but it's always helpful to have this especially if you have many players. (e.g. 16x9, 4x3, portrait, etc.) 
4. The teller describes the picture in words within the time limit if they set the time. (e.g. "The scene takes place in a kitchen and there is a small window above the sink on the left. On the bottom right of the picture, there is a girl with a moustache wearing plaits and red gingham dress with puffy sleeves. She's peeling potatoes and she's looking up at the window–surprised... because there's a tiger jumping out from that tiny window above the sink.
5. The drawers draw while listening to the teller describing the image. Share the drawings with everyone in one place. (We always use Magma Studio which is a shared canvas but I think you can also use tools like Google Docs, Words, etc., and of course, a table if you are playing this game in person) 
6. The teller reveals the original image by pasting/posting/sharing it near the drawers' artworks so that they can compare the drawings to the original. 

Et voila that's the game!

Since the members of the Drawing Sesh are not 100% fixed, it's hard to say who's really made this game (it was my idea but we improved it collectively as we played). And biiiiig thanks to the regular attendees, Ethan, Ivan, Horatiu, Ferran, and many others who's played & improved this game. So I can positively say that we couldn't've have this game the way it is now without all of the people who came to the Drawing Sesh. Thanks all!

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorsNomi, Ferran Bertomeu, nothke, horatiuromantic
TagsBoard Game, Drawing, Multiplayer, Tabletop


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