A downloadable radio werewinnie

Radio Werewinnie

A non-computer game for 7-10 people. (or more)
Made for my game jam Game Jam! with Gæmz! & MoTKY!! 2022. I know there are lots of flaws but at this point I feel like I can't fix it unless I play it at least once.

Setting up/What you need to play the game: 

- role cards 

- vibe cards

- Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne (https://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/67098/pg67098-images.html

- things that make noises (that includes you) 

- somewhere to write down the performance instructions - somewhere to write down the scores 


For 7 players 

- Christopher Robin 

- Winnie-the-Pooh 

- Piglet (supports Pooh) 

- Rabbit 

- Eeyore 

- Kanga

- Bee

Add the following roles if it’s played by 10 players 

- Tigger (supports Pooh) 

- Roo (supports Kanga) 

- Owl 


- Heffalumps 

- Woozles 

- Huny 

- Windy 

Objectives for Christopher Robin:

 Receive the performances by his friends in the 100 Acre Wood and give the best performing group points. 

 Objectives for Winnie the Pooh & his allies: 

Get points but don’t let anyone find out who’s Pooh Objectives for the other friends: Get points and try to find Pooh. 

(optional) Objectives for Kanga & Roo: 

Get points. Don’t get found out by the others. 


- Christopher Robin breaks the players into several performing groups. 

 - Each performing group consists of a director, a sound effects person, and a narrator 

- Christopher Robin picks a chapter for performing groups to play. They’ll also pick the vibes for each group. 

- The director in the group picks a section in the chosen chapter and write down some directions for sound effects and narration. They cannot add words but they could replace words with sound effects. 

 - The sound effects person and the narrator receive the instructions from the director. They could work together or work separately to make their own plans for the performance. The sound effect person makes sound effects and the narrator will read the script out loud (also if there's any instructions for the music, narrator gets to pick a song)

- If a normal player (i.e. not Pooh’s ally) suspects that there’s Pooh in the group, they could sabotage the performance by not doing the best performance. But if they want points, they must satisfy Christopher Robins.

- Once all the performances are done, Christopher Robin picks the best performing group.


- Christopher Robin can give 1-5 points to the best performing group. 

- Everyone in the winning performing group gets the same point but the points are doubled for Winnie the Pooh (but nobody will know this until Pooh gets found out or all 10 chapters are played). Also, Kanga gets an extra point but that happens only when Pooh, Kanga, and Roo are in the same performing group. 

- Anyone can guess who is playing Pooh after the first chapter. If they guess correctly, they get 10 points. If they guess wrong, they get -1 points. They can also guess who’s playing Kanga but for that they’d get only 2 points for guessing it correctly. 

- The game ends either when someone spots Pooh or when all the 10 chapters are played. 

- When found, Pooh and their allies lose 10 points. 

 - If Winnie the Pooh’s allies have negative points, Pooh has to add those negative numbers to their final score. 

 - The person with the highest score wins.

Background/Developer’s note:
- I made this game for Game Jam! With Gæmz! & MoTKY!!

- I haven’t played it yet and I’m not experienced in thinking about this kind of gameplay. So I don’t know if anything makes any sense.

- The top tier themes of the game jam were OLD TECH and GOBLIN MODE.

- We went for drinks at a bar after the first day of the jam and the football match was on their TV. I was not going to watch any game but since the screen was in front of me, I kept looking at it and started looking at the sponsors ads.
- Then I remembered that I was thinking about ads then and ads these days (if you’re curious, I’ve kind of said everything I’ve thought of in this thread: https://twitter.com/the_nomi/status/1599367801919406081?s=20&t=DkV4aJDzpj_7UDZtCw1g7w)
- I didn’t really grow up with radio but I’m kind of fond of the old radio ads mostly because of the representations of the radio peoples and recording studios in films.

- So, I vaguely have this image of a bunch of people recording radio ads in front of one big microphone and there are one or two people who’d talk about things, one or a few people who do sfx right next to the main personality.
- That’s definitely old tech.

- Hey Winnie the Pooh became public domain this year.

role cards (draft): i ran out of time and couldn't finish the deck but when you play the game, you can just write the names of the roles and vibes on paper. 

not directly related to this game but i had some costume ideas for winnie the pooh musical.

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