you are an anthropomorphic crypto currency. do your very best to stay cryptic so that they can trust you to conduct the business.
i made this for ludum dare 44 (kinda. 5 hours jam) using bitsy for the first time. the theme was 'life is currency'.
this game was made after these articles:
i didn't learn how to use bitsy well enough. as a result, i made a bunch of unused rooms. but hey, i learnt something!!!!11!1!1

BY THE WAY, this gaem was made at an offline ldjam session that I co-organised with Claus (who made this Petri dish virtual pet type thing: as my meet-up group GÆMZ meetup ( at Pico Pico Cafe in Kichijoji (s/o to Joseph it was nice. I wanna do more offline jams again. 

Made withBitsy


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i dont get it

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it's ok. jokes are so far-fetched and it worked only for about like 12 hours. ty for checking out tho!

ok should be cool

i don't get it

don't worry. it needs a lot of explanations that are kinda outdated.

wot? i am literally so confused.

same. i get confused a few month after making it. thanks for checking out tho!